drush webform-purgefor drush 8x

Purge webform submissions from the databases

drush webform-purge

webform-purge is a Drush command from the webform project.

  • Aliases

    webform-purge has 1 alias/es:

    drush wfp

  • Arguments

    webform-purge accepts 1 argument/s:

    webform_id : A webform machine name. If not provided, user may choose from a list of names.

  • Options

    webform-purge accepts 3 option/s:

    --all : Flush all submissions

    --entity-type : The entity type for webform submissions to be purged

    --entity-id : The ID of the entity for webform submissions to be purged

  • Examples

    Pick a webform and then purge its submissions.

    drush webform-purge

    Delete 'Contact' webform submissions.

    drush webform-purge contact

    Purge all webform submissions.

    drush webform-purge --all

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