drush ctools-export-disablefor drush 8x

Disable CTools exportables.

drush ctools-export-disable

ctools-export-disable is a Drush command from the ctools project.

  • Aliases

    ctools-export-disable has 1 alias/es:

    drush cted

  • Arguments

    ctools-export-disable accepts 2 argument/s:

    table name : Base table of the exportable you want to disable.

    machine names : Space separated list of exportables you want to disable.

  • Options

    ctools-export-disable accepts 2 option/s:

    --module : Filter the list of exportables by module. This will come from the 'export_module' key on the exportable.

    --all : Perform this operation all CTools exportables available on the system (all tables).

  • Examples

    Disable all overridden views exportable objects.

    drush ctools-export-disable views_view

    Disable overridden default views archive view.

    drush ctools-export-disable views_view archive

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