drush views-revertfor drush 8x

Revert overridden views to their default state. Make sure to backup first.

drush views-revert

views-revert is a Drush command from the views project.

  • Aliases

    views-revert has 1 alias/es:

    drush vr

  • Arguments

    views-revert accepts 1 argument/s:

    views : A space delimited list of view names.

  • Options

    views-revert accepts 1 option/s:

    --all : If provided, all views will be reverted.

  • Examples

    Reverts the "archive" view.

    drush vr archive

    Reverts the "archive" and "frontpage" view.

    drush rln archive frontpage

    Will present you with a list of overridden views to choose from, and an option to revert all overridden views.

    drush vr

    Will revert all overridden views.

    drush vr --all

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