drush bmakefor drush 8x

Turns a makefile into a working Backdrop codebase.

drush bmake

bmake is a Drush command from the backdrop project.

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  • Aliases

    bmake has 1 alias/es:

    drush bm

  • Arguments

    bmake accepts 2 argument/s:

    makefile : Filename of the makefile to use for this build

    build path : The path at which to build the makefile.

  • Options

    bmake accepts 2 option/s:

    --contrib-destination : Specify a path to put the contrib modules. Defaults to BACKDROP_ROOT/modules.

    --db-url : Give the database paramaters for the site-install.

  • Examples

    Build the project described in example.yml in the mybuild directory.

    drush bmake example.yml mybuild

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