drush bam-backupfor drush 8x

Backup the site's database with Backup and Migrate.

drush bam-backup

bam-backup is a Drush command from the backup_migrate project.

  • Aliases

    bam-backup has 1 alias/es:

    drush bb

  • Arguments

    bam-backup accepts 3 argument/s:

    source : Optional. The id of the source (usually a database) to backup. Use 'drush bam-sources' to get a list of sources. Defaults to 'db'

    destination : Optional. The id of destination to send the backup file to. Use 'drush bam-destinations' to get a list of destinations. Defaults to 'manual'

    profile : Optional. The id of a settings profile to use. Use 'drush bam-profiles' to get a list of available profiles. Defaults to 'default'

  • Examples

    Backup the default databse to the manual backup directory using the default settings.

    drush bam-backup

    Backup the database to the scheduled directory using a settings profile called "mysettings"

    drush bam-backup db scheduled mysettings

    Backup the files directory to the manual directory using the default settings. The Backup and Migrate Files module is required for files backups.

    drush bam-backup files

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