drush backdrop-user-passwordfor drush 8x

(Re)Set the password for the user account with the specified name.

drush backdrop-user-password

backdrop-user-password is a Drush command from the backdrop project.

A free and Open Source CMS for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.

Backdrop CMS
  • Aliases

    backdrop-user-password has 1 alias/es:

    drush upwd

  • Arguments

    backdrop-user-password accepts 1 argument/s:

    name : The name of the account to modify.

  • Options

    backdrop-user-password accepts 1 option/s:


    --password : password

  • Examples

    Set the password for the username someuser. @see xkcd.com/936

    drush user-password someuser --password="correct horse battery staple"

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