drush coder-formatfor drush 8x

Re-format and rewrite code according Drupal coding standards.

drush coder-format

coder-format is a Drush command from the coder project.

  • Arguments

    coder-format accepts 1 argument/s:

    path : The path of a file to reformat. Or the name of a directory to (recursively) reformat all contained files within.

  • Options

    coder-format accepts 1 option/s:

    --undo : Restores already processed files from backups generated by Coder format. Automatically searches for the latest backup file ([filename].coder.orig) and each file is replaced with its original version.

  • Examples

    Re-format coder.module according to Drupal coding standards.

    drush coder-format sites/all/modules/coder/coder.module

    Restore coder.module from coder.module.coder.orig backup file (if existent).

    drush coder-format --undo sites/all/modules/coder/coder.module

    Recursively re-format Coder module files according to Drupal coding standards.

    drush coder-format sites/all/modules/coder

    Recursively restore Coder module files from *.coder.orig backup files (if existent).

    drush coder-format --undo sites/all/modules/coder

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