drush make-convertfor drush 8x

Convert a legacy makefile into another format. Defaults to converting .make => .make.yml.

drush make-convert

  • Arguments

    make-convert accepts 1 argument/s:

    makefile : Filename of the makefile to convert.

  • Options

    make-convert accepts 4 option/s:


    --projects : projects


    --libraries : libraries

    --includes : A list of makefiles to include at build-time.

    --format : The format to which the make file should be converted. Accepted values include make, composer, and yml.

  • Examples

    Convert example.make to composer.json

    drush make-convert example.make --format=composer  > composer.json

    Convert example.make to example.make.yml

    drush make-convert example.make --format=yml > example.make.yml

    Convert composer.lock example.make

    drush make-convert composer.lock --format=make > example.make

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