drush features-exportfor drush 8x

Export the configuration on your site into a custom module.

drush features-export

features-export is a Drush command from the features project.

  • Aliases

    features-export has 4 alias/es:

    drush fex

    drush fu

    drush fua

    drush fu-all

  • Arguments

    features-export accepts 1 argument/s:

    package : A space delimited list of features to export.

  • Options

    features-export accepts 2 option/s:

    --add-profile : Package features into an install profile.

    --bundle : Use a specific bundle namespace.

  • Examples

    Export all available packages.

    drush features-export

    Export the example_article and example_page packages.

    drush features-export example_article example_page

    Export all available packages and add them to an install profile.

    drush features-export --add-profile

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