drush pm-updatecodefor drush 8x

Update Drupal core and contrib projects to latest recommended releases.

drush pm-updatecode

  • Aliases

    pm-updatecode has 1 alias/es:

    drush upc

  • Arguments

    pm-updatecode accepts 1 argument/s:

    projects : Optional. A list of installed projects to update.

  • Options

    pm-updatecode accepts 15 option/s:

    --notes : Show release notes for each project to be updated.

    --no-core : Only update modules and skip the core update.

    --check-updatedb : Check to see if an updatedb is needed after updating the code. Default is on; use --check-updatedb=0 to disable.

    --lock : Add a persistent lock to remove the specified projects from consideration during updates.  Locks may be removed with the --unlock parameter, or overridden by specifically naming the project as a parameter to pm-update or pm-updatecode.  The lock does not affect pm-download.  See also the update_advanced project for similar and improved functionality.

    --version-control=backup : Backup all project files before updates.

    --version-control=bzr : Quickly add/remove/commit your project changes to Bazaar.

    --version-control=svn : Quickly add/remove/commit your project changes to Subversion.

    --cache : Cache release XML and tarballs or git clones. Git clones use git's --reference option. Defaults to 1 for downloads, and 0 for git.

    --package-handler=wget : Download project packages using wget or curl.

    --package-handler=git_drupalorg : Use git.drupal.org to checkout and update projects.

    --update-backend : Backend to obtain available updates. Available: drush, drupal. Default is drush.

    --check-disabled : Check for updates of disabled modules and themes.

    --security-only : Only update modules that have security updates available.

    --update-backend=drush : Check available updates without update.module.

    --update-backend=drupal : Check available updates with update.module.

  • Examples

    Update contrib projects, but skip core.

    drush pm-updatecode --no-core

    To show a list of projects with their update status, use pm-updatestatus instead of pm-updatecode.

    drush pm-updatestatus --format=csv --list-separator=" " --fields="name,existing_version,candidate_version,status_msg"

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