drush make-lockfor drush 8x

Process a makefile and outputs an equivalent makefile with projects version *resolved*. Respects pinned versions.

drush make-lock

  • Arguments

    make-lock accepts 1 argument/s:

    makefile : Filename of the makefile to use for this build.

  • Options

    make-lock accepts 10 option/s:

    --result-file : Save to a file. If not provided, the lockfile will be dumped to stdout.

    --format : The format for generated lockfiles. Options are "yaml" or "ini". Defaults to "yaml".

    --includes : A list of makefiles to include at build-time.

    --source : The base URL which provides project release history in XML. Defaults to http://updates.drupal.org/release-history.

    --dev : Work with development releases solely.

    --update-backend : Backend to obtain available updates. Available: drush, drupal. Default is drush.

    --check-disabled : Check for updates of disabled modules and themes.

    --security-only : Only update modules that have security updates available.

    --update-backend=drush : Check available updates without update.module.

    --update-backend=drupal : Check available updates with update.module.

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