drush httprl-self-spiderfor drush 8x

Load all entities with web-based urls and hit them to prime the cache. Also allows for developer alters for non entity paths.

drush httprl-self-spider

httprl-self-spider is a Drush command from the httprl_spider project.

  • Aliases

    httprl-self-spider has 1 alias/es:

    drush hss

  • Arguments

    httprl-self-spider accepts 1 argument/s:

    type : Optional. Only prime this particular entity type

  • Options

    httprl-self-spider accepts 2 option/s:

    --nonblocking : Including this option will issue the call as non-blocking.

    --print : Print debug statements about requests being made.

  • Examples

    Self request all known, web-accessible entities at their URL

    drush httprl-self-spider

    Request all nodes in a nonblocking manner to prime cache

    drush hss node --nonblocking

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