drush fix-permissionsfor drush 8x

Set permissions, ownership and groups for Backdrop files and directories.

drush fix-permissions

fix-permissions is a Drush command from the backdrop project.

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Backdrop CMS
  • Aliases

    fix-permissions has 1 alias/es:

    drush fp

  • Options

    fix-permissions accepts 3 option/s:

    --backdrop_path : The path to your Backdrop installation.

    --backdrop_user : This is the user that will own the Backdrop files.

    --httpd_group : This is the user that runs the webserver: mac: _www, ubuntu: www-data, centos: apache

  • Examples

    drush fix-permissions --backdrop_path=/path/to/the/backdrop/install --backdrop_user=geoff --httpd_group=_www


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