drush user-remove-rolefor drush 8x

Remove a role from the specified user accounts.

drush user-remove-role

  • Aliases

    user-remove-role has 1 alias/es:

    drush urrol

  • Arguments

    user-remove-role accepts 2 argument/s:

    role : The name of the role to remove

    users : (optional) A comma delimited list of uids, user names, or email addresses.

  • Options

    user-remove-role accepts 3 option/s:


    --uid : uid


    --name : name


    --mail : mail

  • Examples

    Remove the "power user" role from the accounts with name, id, or email 5 or user3, uids 2 and 3, names someguy and somegal, and email address of billgates@microsoft.com

    drush user-remove-role "power user" 5,user3 --uid=2,3 --name=someguy,somegal --mail=billgates@microsoft.com

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