drush drush-recipes-upgradefor drush 8x

Search for recipes to execute against targets

drush drush-recipes-upgrade

drush-recipes-upgrade is a Drush command from the drush_recipes project.

  • Aliases

    drush-recipes-upgrade has 1 alias/es:

    drush drup

  • Arguments

    drush-recipes-upgrade accepts 2 argument/s:

    pattern : Pattern of recipes to find

    location : Location to search against for matching recipes

  • Options

    drush-recipes-upgrade accepts 1 option/s:

    --replay-from : Replay from a certain timestamp forward. This is useful if an update fails to apply for some reason.

  • Examples

    Search in /var/www/deployments/ for .drecipe files that include d7_dev in the name and then execute them against @devsite. Wow.

    drush @devsite drup d7_dev /var/www/deployments/

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