drush search-api-reindexfor drush 8x

Force reindexing of one or all search indexes, without clearing existing index data.

drush search-api-reindex

search-api-reindex is a Drush command from the search_api project.

  • Aliases

    search-api-reindex has 1 alias/es:

    drush sapi-r

  • Arguments

    search-api-reindex accepts 1 argument/s:

    index_id : The numeric ID or machine name of an index.

  • Examples

    Schedule all search indexes for reindexing.

    drush searchapi-reindex

    Alias to schedule all search indexes for reindexing .

    drush sapi-r

    Schedule the search index with the ID 1 for re-indexing.

    drush sapi-r 1

    Schedule the search index with the machine name default_node_index for re-indexing.

    drush sapi-r default_node_index

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