drush pm-releasesfor drush 7x

Print release information for given projects.

drush pm-releases

  • Aliases

    pm-releases has 1 alias/es:

    drush rl

  • Arguments

    pm-releases accepts 1 argument/s:

    projects : A list of drupal.org project names. Defaults to 'drupal'

  • Options

    pm-releases accepts 19 option/s:

    --default-major : Show releases compatible with the specified major version of Drupal.

    --source : The base URL which provides project release history in XML. Defaults to https://updates.drupal.org/release-history.

    --dev : Work with development releases solely.


    --format : format


    --fields : fields


    --list-separator : list-separator


    --line-separator : line-separator


    --field-labels : field-labels


    --format=json : format=json


    --format=config : format=config


    --format=csv : format=csv


    --format=labeled-export : format=labeled-export


    --format=list : format=list


    --format=php : format=php


    --format=print-r : format=print-r


    --format=table : format=table


    --format=var_export : format=var_export


    --format=variables : format=variables


    --format=yaml : format=yaml

  • Examples

    View releases for cck and Zen projects for your Drupal version.

    drush pm-releases cck zen

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