drush config-exportfor drush 7x

Export config from the active directory.

drush config-export

  • Aliases

    config-export has 1 alias/es:

    drush cex

  • Arguments

    config-export accepts 1 argument/s:

    label : A config directory label (i.e. a key in $config_directories array in settings.php). Defaults to 'staging'

  • Options

    config-export accepts 7 option/s:

    --add : Run `git add -p` after exporting. This lets you choose which config changes to stage for commit.

    --commit : Run `git add -A` and `git commit` after exporting.  This commits everything that was exported without prompting.

    --message : Commit comment for the exported configuration.  Optional; may only be used with --commit or --push.

    --push : Run `git push` after committing.  Implies --commit.


    --remote : remote


    --branch : branch

    --destination : An arbitrary directory that should receive the exported files. An alternative to label argument

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