drush config-mergefor drush 7x

Merge configuration data from two sites.

drush config-merge

  • Aliases

    config-merge has 1 alias/es:

    drush cm

  • Arguments

    config-merge accepts 2 argument/s:

    site : Alias for the site containing the other configuration data to merge.

    label : A config directory label (i.e. a key in $config_directories array in settings.php). Defaults to 'staging'

  • Options

    config-merge accepts 9 option/s:

    --base : The commit hash or tag for the base of the three-way merge operation.  This should be the most recent commit that was deployed to the site specified in the first argument.

    --branch : A branch to use when doing the configuration merge. Optional. Default is to use a temporary branch.

    --message : Commit comment for the merged configuration.

    --no-commit : Do not commit the fetched configuration; leave the modified files unstaged.

    --tool : Specific tool to use with `git mergetool`.  Use --tool=0 to prevent use of mergetool.  Optional.  Defaults to whatever tool is configured in git.

    --fetch-only : Don't run `git mergetool`; fetch all configuration changes from both sites, and merge them onto the working branch.  May result in unresolved merge conflicts.

    --git : Fetch changes from the other site using git instead of rsync.

    --remote : The remote git branch to use to fetch changes.  Defaults to "origin".

    --temp : Export destination site's configuration to a temporary directory.

  • Examples

    Merge configuration changes from the production site with the configuration changes made on the development site.

    drush @dev config-merge @production

    Merge configuration changes from the site indicated by the provided site specification.

    drush @dev config-merge /path/to/drupal#sitefolder

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