drush drush-diff-targets-recipefor drush 7x

Analyze two targets and create a recipe to chart a course from one to another. Great for figuring out what a client changed after a distro was installed.

drush drush-diff-targets-recipe

drush-diff-targets-recipe is a Drush command from the drush_recipes project.

  • Aliases

    drush-diff-targets-recipe has 1 alias/es:

    drush ddt

  • Options

    drush-diff-targets-recipe accepts 3 option/s:

    --components : Components that you want to include in the diff. possible core values: modules, variables, roles, features

    --test-run : This will quickly print it to the screen without asking questions.

    --make-it-so : Apply the change between source and destination to make the source the same as the destination

  • Examples

    Analysis will occur of how target2 is different then target1 and a suggested recipe to follow how to get target1 to be target2 will be generated (either to the screen or written to a file.

    drush @target1 ddt @target2

    Export the module and variable definitions in target1 and create a recipe that would allow it to be recreated in a future system.

    drush @target1 ddt --components=modules,variables

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