drush feeds-list-feedsfor drush 7x

List all feed sources.

drush feeds-list-feeds

feeds-list-feeds is a Drush command from the feeds project.

  • Aliases

    feeds-list-feeds has 1 alias/es:

    drush feeds-lf

  • Arguments

    feeds-list-feeds accepts 1 argument/s:

    importer : The name of the Feeds importer whose instances will be listed. Optional.

  • Options

    feeds-list-feeds accepts 1 option/s:

    --limit : Limit the number of feeds to show in the list. Optional.

  • Examples

    List all instances of all feeds.

    drush feeds-list-feeds

    List all feed sources of the rss_feed importer.

    drush feeds-list-feeds rss_feed

    Only list the first three feed sources.

    drush feeds-list-feeds --limit=3

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