drush migrate-deregisterfor drush 7x

Remove all tracking of a migration

drush migrate-deregister

migrate-deregister is a Drush command from the migrate project.

  • Aliases

    migrate-deregister has 1 alias/es:

    drush mdreg

  • Arguments

    migrate-deregister accepts 1 argument/s:

    migration : Name of migration to deregister

  • Options

    migrate-deregister accepts 2 option/s:

    --orphans : Remove tracking for any migrations whose implementing class no longer exists

    --group : Remove tracking of a migration group, and any migrations assigned to it

  • Examples

    Deregister the Article migration

    migrate-deregister Article

    Deregister any no-longer-implemented migrations

    migrate-deregister --orphans

    Deregister the myblog group and all migrations within it

    migrate-deregister --group=myblog

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