drush site:sshfor drush 9x

Connect to a Drupal site's server via SSH.

drush site:ssh

  • Aliases

    site:ssh has 2 alias/es:

    drush ssh

    drush site-ssh

  • Arguments

    site:ssh accepts 1 argument/s:


  • Options

    site:ssh accepts 7 option/s:


    --cd : cd


    --no-cd : no-cd


    --ssh-options : ssh-options


    --tty : tty


    --notify : notify


    --druplicon : druplicon


    --xh-link : xh-link

  • Examples

    Open an interactive shell on @mysite's server.

    drush @mysite ssh

    Run "ls /tmp" on @prod site. If @prod is a site list, then ls will be executed on each site.

    drush @prod ssh ls /tmp

    Run "git pull" on the Drupal root directory on the @prod site.

    drush @prod ssh git pull

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