drush php:evalfor drush 9x

Evaluate arbitrary php code after bootstrapping Drupal (if available).

drush php:eval

  • Aliases

    php:eval has 3 alias/es:

    drush eval

    drush ev

    drush php-eval

  • Arguments

    php:eval accepts 1 argument/s:

    code* : PHP code

  • Options

    php:eval accepts 4 option/s:


    --format : format


    --notify : notify


    --druplicon : druplicon


    --xh-link : xh-link

  • Examples

    Sets the hello variable using Drupal API.'

    drush php:eval 'variable_set("hello", "world");'

    Loads node with nid 1 and then prints its title.

    drush php:eval '$node = node_load(1); print $node->title;'

    Copies a file whose path is determined by an environment\'s variable. Note the use of double quotes so the variable $HOME gets replaced by its value.

    drush php:eval "file_unmanaged_copy(\'$HOME/Pictures/image.jpg\', \'public://image.jpg\');"

    Rebuild node access permissions.

    drush php:eval "node_access_rebuild();"

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