drush views:executefor drush 9x

Execute a view and show a count of the results, or the rendered HTML.

drush views:execute

  • Aliases

    views:execute has 2 alias/es:

    drush vex

    drush views-execute

  • Arguments

    views:execute accepts 3 argument/s:

    view_name* : The name of the view to execute.

    display : The display ID to execute. If none specified, the default display will be used.

    view_args : A comma delimited list of values, corresponding to contextual filters.

  • Options

    views:execute accepts 5 option/s:


    --count : count


    --show-admin-links : show-admin-links


    --notify : notify


    --druplicon : druplicon


    --xh-link : xh-link

  • Examples

    Show the rendered HTML for the default display for the my_view View.

    drush views:execute my_view

    Show a count of my_view:page_1 where the first contextual filter value is 3.

    drush views:execute my_view page_1 3 --count

    Show the rendered HTML of my_view:page_1 where the first two contextual filter values are 3 and 'foo' respectively.

    drush views:execute my_view page_1 3,foo

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