drush image:flushfor drush 9x

Flush all derived images for a given style.

drush image:flush

  • Aliases

    image:flush has 2 alias/es:

    drush if

    drush image-flush

  • Arguments

    image:flush accepts 1 argument/s:

    style_names* : A comma delimited list of image style machine names. If not provided, user may choose from a list of names.

  • Options

    image:flush accepts 4 option/s:


    --all : all


    --notify : notify


    --druplicon : druplicon


    --xh-link : xh-link

  • Examples

    Pick an image style and then delete its derivatives.

    drush image:flush

    Delete all thumbnail and large derivatives.

    drush image:flush thumbnail,large

    Flush all derived images. They will be regenerated on demand.

    drush image:flush --all

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