drush role:createfor drush 9x

Create a new role.

drush role:create

  • Aliases

    role:create has 2 alias/es:

    drush rcrt

    drush role-create

  • Arguments

    role:create accepts 2 argument/s:

    machine_name* : The symbolic machine name for the role.

    human_readable_name : A descriptive name for the role.

  • Options

    role:create accepts 3 option/s:


    --notify : notify


    --druplicon : druplicon


    --xh-link : xh-link

  • Examples

    Create a new role 'test role'. On D8, the human-readable name will be 'Test role'.

    drush role:create 'test role'

    Create a new role with a machine name of 'test role', and a human-readable name of 'Test role'.

    drush role:create 'test role' 'Test role'

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