drush webform-exportfor drush 6x

Exports webform data to a file.

drush webform-export

webform-export is a Drush command from the webform project.

  • Aliases

    webform-export has 1 alias/es:

    drush wfx

  • Arguments

    webform-export accepts 1 argument/s:

    nid : The node ID of the webform you want to export (required)

  • Options

    webform-export accepts 13 option/s:

    --file : The file path to export to (defaults to print to stdout)

    --format : The exporter format to use. Out-of-the-box this may be "delimited" or "excel".

    --delimiter : Delimiter between columns (defaults to site-wide setting). This option may need to be wrapped in quotes. i.e. --delimter="\t".

    --components : Comma-separated list of component IDs or form keys to include.
    May also include "webform_serial", "webform_sid", "webform_time", "webform_complete_time", "webform_modified_time", "webform_draft", "webform_ip_address", "webform_uid", and "webform_username".

    --header-keys : Integer -1 for none, 0 for label (default) or 1 for form key.

    --select-keys : Integer 0 or 1 value. Set to 1 to print select list values by their form keys instead of labels.

    --select-format : Set to "separate" (default) or "compact" to determine how select list values are exported.

    --range-type : Range of submissions to export: "all", "new", "latest", "range" (by sid, default if start is supplied), "range-serial", or "range-date".

    --range-latest : Integer specifying the latest X submissions will be downloaded. Used if "range-type" is "latest" or no other range options are provided.

    --range-start : The submission ID, serial number, or start date at which to start exporting.

    --range-end : The submission ID, serial number, or end date at which to end exporting.

    --completion-type : Submissions to be included: "finished", "draft" or "all" (default).

    --batch-size : The size of batches in rows (default 10000). If encountering out of memory errors, set this number lower to export fewer submissions per batch.

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