drush makefor drush 6x

Turns a makefile into a working Drupal codebase.

drush make

  • Arguments

    make accepts 2 argument/s:

    makefile : Filename of the makefile to use for this build.

    build path : The path at which to build the makefile.

  • Options

    make accepts 23 option/s:

    --version : Print the make API version and exit.


    --concurrency : concurrency

    --contrib-destination : Specify a path under which modules and themes should be placed. Defaults to sites/all for Drupal 6,7 and the corresponding directory in the Drupal root for Drupal 8 and above.

    --force-complete : Force a complete build even if errors occur.

    --ignore-checksums : Ignore md5 checksums for downloads.


    --md5 : md5

    --make-update-default-url : The default location to load the XML update information from.

    --no-cache : Do not use the pm-download caching (defaults to cache enabled).

    --no-clean : Leave temporary build directories in place instead of cleaning up after completion.

    --no-core : Do not require a Drupal core project to be specified.

    --no-patch-txt : Do not write a PATCHES.txt file in the directory of each patched project.

    --no-gitinfofile : Do not modify .info files when cloning from Git.

    --prepare-install : Prepare the built site for installation. Generate a properly permissioned settings.php and files directory.

    --tar : Generate a tar archive of the build. The output filename will be [build path].tar.gz.

    --test : Run a temporary test build and clean up.

    --translations : Retrieve translations for the specified comma-separated list of language(s) if available for all projects.

    --working-copy : Preserves VCS directories, like .git, for projects downloaded using such methods.

    --download-mechanism : How to download files. Should be autodetected, but this is an override if it doesn't work. Options are "curl" and "make" (a native download method).


    --projects : projects


    --libraries : libraries


    --allow-override : allow-override

    --source : The base URL which provides project release history in XML. Defaults to https://updates.drupal.org/release-history.

    --dev : Work with development releases solely.

  • Examples

    Build the example.make makefile in the example directory.

    drush make example.make example

    Build an installation profile within an existing Drupal site

    drush make --no-core --contrib-destination=. installprofile.make

    Build the remote example.make makefile in the example directory.

    drush make https://example.com/example.make example

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