drush archive-dumpfor drush 6x

Backup your code, files, and database into a single file.

drush archive-dump

  • Aliases

    archive-dump has 3 alias/es:

    drush ard

    drush archive-backup

    drush arb

  • Arguments

    archive-dump accepts 1 argument/s:

    sites : Optional. Site specifications, delimited by commas. Typically, list subdirectory name(s) under /sites.

  • Options

    archive-dump accepts 10 option/s:

    --description : Describe the archive contents.

    --tags : Add tags to the archive manifest. Delimit multiple by commas.

    --destination : The full path and filename in which the archive should be stored. If omitted, it will be saved to the drush-backups directory and a filename will be generated.

    --overwrite : Do not fail if the destination file exists; overwrite it instead.

    --generator : The generator name to store in the MANIFEST file. The default is "Drush archive-dump".

    --generatorversion : The generator version number to store in the MANIFEST file. The default is 6.7.0.

    --pipe : Only print the destination of the archive. Useful for scripts that don't pass --destination.

    --preserve-symlinks : Preserve symbolic links.

    --no-core : Exclude Drupal core, so the backup only contains the site specific stuff.

    --tar-options : Options passed thru to the tar command.

  • Examples

    Write an archive containing 3 sites in it.

    drush archive-dump default,example.com,foo.com

    Save archive containing all sites in a multi-site.

    drush archive-dump @sites

    Save archive to custom location.

    drush archive-dump default --destination=/backups/mysite.tar

    Omits any .git directories found in the tree as well as sites/default/files.

    drush archive-dump --tar-options="--exclude=.git --exclude=sites/default/files"

    Placeholder %files is replaced with the real path for the current site, and that path is excluded.

    drush archive-dump --tar-options="--exclude=%files"

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